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Moon Boot Boogie (2023) - PC (Windows)

Music, Sound Design, Audio Implementation

Ashes to Ashes (2023) - PC (Windows)


Siege of Stamplands (2023) - PC (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Sound Design, Audio Implementation

Cadillac (2022) - Physical Slot Machines

Music, Sound Design

Phantom Hallows' Eve (2022) - PC (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Music, Music Implementation

Hamster King (2022) - PC (Windows, Mac)

Sound Design

Sword of Atlas (2022) - PC (Windows)

Audio Director, Music Editing/Mixing, Music

Artist Block (2022) - PC (Windows, Mac)

Audio Director, Audio Editing

The Stone Curse (2022) - PC (Windows)


Blinding Glow (2022) - PC (Windows, Mac)


Dig Boys (2022) - PC (Windows)

Music, Sound Design

Polygone (2021) - PC (Windows, Mac)

Audio Director, Music

pretending to be ok (2021) - Student Short Film


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