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Meaningful music and satisfying sounds for video games


Merchant Guilds 2.png
Merchant Guilds

Retora Games

Sound Design, Music

* Active Development *

A Sequel to the original mobile game, Merchant RPG, Merchant Guilds is a medieval-era management-based game with a focus on building your empire with friends.

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Cadillac Square Icon.png
Cadillac Slots


Sound Design, Music

Cadillac is a 1950s-themed casino slot game produced by JLMGAMES, Inc.. Music consists primarily of jazz and doowop/early rock and roll.

Siege of Stamplands gameplay image_4.png
Siege of Stamplands

SupKal Games/Team Onion Stamps

Sound Design, Audio Implementation with Wwise

Siege of Stamplands is a tower defense game with real-time strategy elements. Use your ink and stamps to defend Stamplands from the Eraser Soldiers threatening to clear out our storybook!

SoS allies.png
gameplay 1.png
Phantom Hallows' Eve

SupKal Games

Music, Implementation with Wwise

Cleo's got a new job at Phantom Hallows' Eve, the number one destination for seasonal spooks and delights. Explore the two parallel dimensions of Phantom Hallows' Eve, solve puzzles, and converse with spirits to lend them a hand in this cozy puzzle game.

Holy Temple.png

Concept Audio, Music and Sound for Trailer

Ourath is a 2D top-down story-driven game centered around choice and discovery of a crumbling world. With no main quest, the player is free to explore the world and discover the rich lore, uncovering several alternate endings to the game.

OURATH Title Image.gif

* Active Development *

RedBonePirate Studios

Sword of Atlas Gameplay image 2.png
Alternate Album Artwork Sword of Atlas.png
Sword of Atlas

FAFO Games

Audio Director, Music Editor/Mixer, Music

Sword of Atlas is a top-down tactical RPG with grid-based combat and a character-driven story. Taking inspiration from genre giants such as Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem, Sword of Atlas puts you in charge of an eccentric cast of characters as they struggle against the might of an evil empire and dark magics.

Sound Design


High Energy

Who I Am

Hi, I'm Collin Anderson and I'm a composer and sound designer for video games. Thanks for checking out my site! I'm originally from Dallas, TX but now reside in Austin, TX after having graduated from the Berklee College of Music in 2022.


I'm a big nerd when it comes to anything audio or games, so putting the two together is basically the perfect storm. I am passionate about helping to create environments and tell stories in video games through audio and I believe there's nothing quite like making a video game. Along with being really fun, I believe that video games are an amazing and extremely diverse form of art. They are often huge creative projects that require lots of planning, communication, and cohesiveness among anywhere from a few to a few hundred people. When I'm part of making a game, I strive to be aligned with the vision of the developer(s) and to make an immersive and interactive player experience through sound. I've always loved video games and video game music, and I feel very fortunate to be living my dream of making music and sound for this unique form of art we call video games.

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What I Do

Intentional Audio Design

Making any good game requires immense amounts of planning and coordination. I make it a priority to understand the vision of the game and to really reflect the spirit of the game through intentional decisions about the overall audio design down to the seemingly inconsequential button sounds.

Asset Creation

After starting the audio asset list and determining the audio aesthetic, I can start to create sounds and music. Revisions are a part of my workflow, so along the way I'll send drafts and make adjustments based on feedback. I want to make sure you're happy with what you're paying for!

Audio Implementation

I can ease some of the load of the programmers by programming in my own audio. I have experience doing so in Unity/C# and in middleware such as Wwise and FMOD. For larger projects, I prefer to work with middleware to increase efficiency and possibilities for interactive audio.

Cinematics and Trailers

I have experience creating, editing, and timing audio for linear media such as cinematics and trailers. I know how important a captivating trailer is for game marketing so I'm here to help take that trailer to the next level through effective audio.

And More...

If there's something else audio-related that you need for your project, just let me know! I can edit voice over, mix and master music and sfx, record sounds out in the field, and more!


Have a question? Want to work together? Just shoot me a message, I'd love to meet you!

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